Brammo Blog : Ride an Electric Motorcycle and be Treated Like a GOD Part β

10 07 2012

Blog 12: Durango-Silverton Trip.

Part β. Durango.


Yesterday we had some lovely photos** of Silverton…and a few photos from Ska Brewing. Today we move to Downtown Durango.

**And if you don’t agree that the photos are lovely, well remember that I now have God-Like powers…and I am immature enough to use them. My inclinations are not aligned with a somewhat pure and gentle God…I would be more like one of the Greek Gods…Overly emotional (angry, sad, joyous…all at the same time), drunk, horny…Come to think of it, the Greek Gods are basically underclassmen at a Frat Party…no wonder all the Fraternities use Greek Letters…He is sooooo totally not going to regret that later in life: “Yeah, I was a douche in college…but I’m cool now.” Ah, NO, not at all.


But I’ve gotten a bit off track. Durango.

The famous Strater Hotel. Red curb means park here right? Maybe I should take a closer look.

Yep, looks fine to me…I park where I want.


I didn’t take many photos of Durango as I was doing Helmet Cam video. I still need lots of practice with that helmet video…But here we go:

Again, multiple short clips. Watch some, all or none. Just remember, I’m like Santa…and not just because I watch you while you’re sleeping.


Since we ended Yesterday’s Blog (that would make a good song title) with Ska Brewing, we start today with a short ride up to Ska.

Nothing too exciting…about 1 minute long. I park where I want, as always.


Here I practice my “powers” and command a random person to tell me to “Film that Rainbow”

There is a beautiful half Rainbow in the distance…the Helmet Cam doesn’t seem to capture it well, if at all 😦   More of the Rainbow next.


I point out the Rainbow…still not impressed…It was quite lovely in person. 17 seconds.


Longer video: 2 minutes. Heading from Ska to Downtown Durango.

Ending up at the Strater Hotel. Thumbs up near the end was to a Marine in full dress uniform and his lovely bride who were crossing the street.


Random Downtown in the Rain Video: 35 seconds.


More Downtown in the Rain…this one with a Thank You…Cute family. 33 Seconds.


Last Downtown in the Rain video: 2 minutes.

I wave to the guys because: The guy standing outside saw the bike and called to the person inside to come out and see it…and I give a thumbs up near the end to a kid pointing at me going by.The drumming sound you hear when I change lanes and come to a stop is me “playing” the “fuel” tank…a habit I do way too much.


Heading from Downtown to the Durango Brewing Co. 2 minutes.

I park where I want.


Next morning, heading to Breakfast…Love Carvers…Great Breakfast…and BEER. The Jack Rabbit Ale is damn tasty.

Riding all weekend with the son-in-law, Daniel.


Before heading home we hit the local Flea Market…really needed some Colorado fleas to add to my collection. Sadly none to be found.

Daniel was looking for a place to park…I saw a nice open red curb right at the entrance to the Flea Market…everybody, “I park where I want.”


So what have I learned here?

1) I really love both Durango and Silverton. I will be back. Often.

2) This type of filming is damn boring. I think I will keep to still photos for city stuff.

3) I am not giving up on Helmet Cam video, but I am going to save that for mountain riding and more interesting stuff…curves, speed and all that.

A short blog, text wise…I feel a bit boring today.


Till next time….



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edit…forgot this photo for the 4th of July…



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