Brammo Blog: Ride for the Cure—Taking the Turquoise Trail to Madrid for a Cause

4 04 2014

BrammoBlog Ver. 2.0-Blog post something  something…I’ve lost count.


So Saturday was a group ride to Madrid. The ride to Madrid is, as you know if you are a frequent reader of my blog—which is my mom and my split personality (split personality just mentioned that he hates the blog and never reads it…so it’s me and my mom)—one of my favorite rides. I love that ride to Madrid.

This will be, as usual, a photo blog with very little writing by me…which, judging by the happy grunts and squeals that suddenly appeared in my head, Jason (my other personality) approves off.


The ride is a large group ride that starts from various locations with everybody ending up in Madrid. Madrid was prepared with food and beer and music and, thankfully, one of the most beautiful days ever. New Mexico has many beautiful days, but the spring can be dicey. Often the winds blow at gale force. But Saturday was sunny and calm and just gorgeous.


The ride was a benefit to raise money for the Cancer Center at the University I work at. So a win win for me….help a cause and ride my Empulse.


I started from PJ’s Triumph motorcycle shop.

pjs start

There were a few bikes…but I expected more as there were 1200 riders last year. I forgot that some start in Santa Fe and ride south on the Turquoise Trail and some start at PJs and some…well just a bunch of starting points.



I parked here for two reasons…1. It gives me room as I know a bunch of people will come over to ask about the bike…and 2. They were filming over here and I like to get into the shot…I’m vain like that.



See…I follow the media.

made in us

The film crew came over and filmed the Made in the USA sticker on the bike.



People always ask, “Who signed your bike?” I tell them, “My close personal friends, Eric Bostrom and Shelina Moreda.” Nah, I tell them that the great people who race for Brammo signed my bike, likely against their will…or that they thought they were signing it for a good cause, rather than signing it for some old dude in New Mexico.



Off we rode and the first and only stop of the ride was Madrid…I parked at first up in the way back…I found these Chili Peppers and decided to park between them…but then moved down to the front where the other riders where.


parking 2


Remember that I park where I want. And so does my coat. I parked here for the first hour…then went and found a place I could charge while I walked around and got lunch.


checking out bike

checking out bike2

Checking out the bike…I would stand and answer a number of questions…but then finally had to walk around to see the other bikes and the booths…and the killer jackets…


jackets vixens

jacket desert posse

duke city


The Duke City Rockers are friends and asked me to eat with them…

rockersRon has a classic bikers look…I got to get me one of those shirts…


cancer center

Found the Cancer Center table…fairly modest…I think the bikers intimidated them.

art table

This great art table…

air brush bikeThis crazy airbrushed bike…


But I guess I should show some of the turn out.


Many liked to park near the Mine Shaft Tavern.



click the panorama….

big bike

Including this big “bike”…


mine shaft


more parking

lots parking


Another big bike with a car motor. Notice the group coming in. Bikes were constantly coming and going during the 3 hours I was in Madrid.


Lots of nice custom rat bikes…

madrid start+++


A bit down the road, this great house had a few bikes in front.


Of course I had to explore a bit of the outskirts of town….


This is my “find rusty things in New Mexico” series. Not much rain, no salt…it takes a long time for things to rust here.


Love this….


Great barn? Storage? No idea, but I love it.


Funny…these tractor treads will take centuries to dissolve…but still the cactus will remain…


Steampunk heaven…


train close

train panorama


Great old train…

rust5More rusty gears…I felt like a small Alice wandering around broken watch gears.


more chargign

crystal dragon


A shout out to the Crystal Dragon for letting me charge as I ate and wandered.


And it was time to head home…I forgot to mention that I got up way too early and took this “before dawn” photo in front of my house…

pre dawnThat flowering Crabapple is a pain, but it is pretty in early spring.


Here it is the night before…just at dusk….

dusk tree

Crazy pink.


Till next time….Gavin.


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 Just a couple of photos from recent days:


“Take you daughter to work on a tractor” day. These special event days at work are getting more and more complicated.


Back alley in Albuquerque. I love wall art and this photo makes me happy.

a panorama, so click…




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4 04 2014
Rebecca Roth

Super cool. I will forward it to Uncle Bobby and a few others. How much did it cost to ride and how much did the hospital make?

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