Hi. If you are reading this you probably already know way too much about me.

But for the random visitor who is not related to me either by blood or by friendship, here goes:

I’m Gavin. Father, Husband, Son, Brother….Mix the order up and it all stays the same.

Recently I have wanted to mildly change my impact on the world. I ride a bike to work in the summer. I ride a scooter to work the other seasons. Haven’t owned a cage in 5 plus years, but I’m getting older so I will likely get one soonish. Thinking of getting both an electric car and electric motorcycle.

We have solar on the roof  ( 310 sunny days a year here in Albuquerque and a south facing roof…was just begging for some solar cells).

For some time I’ve thought that going electric for all my modes of travel would be a good thing…or at least a thing.

So this blog will be about that path…what electric motorcycles I like, what electric cars I want, and what’s up with my solar production.

Go SUN 🙂


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