Hello world!

22 09 2010

Ah, to Blog or Not to Blog…and yes I can hear my wife yelling from the other room, “Not to Blog please…the world doesn’t really need another self absorbed middle aged man adding his voice to the cacophony of digital noise polluting cyberspace”…or maybe she was just coughing.

So yes I will drone on a bit about myself, my life, my hopes and fears…and maybe have a bit of random fun too.

And while this blog will be geared toward Scooters and Electric Motorcycles and Solar Power and Electric Cars too, well random family quips and dog photos and such will pop up from time to time.

So just a hello for now. Hopefully a bunch of stuff this weekend if I can figure out a way to get the thoughts from head to flow correctly into the computer thingy sitting in front of me.




2 responses

22 09 2010

Please explain the picture at the beginning of the blog. Was it taken by someone on acid?

22 09 2010

That was taken at the day of the dead marigold festival. It is a reflection from my helmet visor.

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