Mini Electric Scooter

22 09 2010

Ok, This was not a blog I planned to write today. But I just received two different sets of images and thought I would share.

Mini –yes the car company– is planning an electric scooter. Will it ever get made? Who knows. But it is kinda cool. A bit heavy in front, but overall not bad. And even the heavy front has aย  steampunk thing going for it. And I tend to love most things steampunky (is steampunky a word?)

First, I like this image. Feels like “Scooter meets Fallout 3.”ย  Two of my favorite things ๐Ÿ™‚ Add in a semi-angry brunette with an “I Dream of Jeanie” ponytail and it is pure win for me.

For more images (of the scooters, not the girl)…go here:

a sample from the above site.

I will still be getting an Electric motorcycle from Brammo, but these are the nicest Electric Scooters I’ve seen. Mostly because they look like actual scooters. Nice Retro scooters. Floorboards, legshields, bench seats…what’s not to love. ๐Ÿ™‚

(an aside–Ugh, I just don’t like many modern scooters. And the electric Vectrix, currently the only high speed electric scooter being sold,ย  is just about my least favorite of any scooter, gas or electric. Truly a boring, unattractive scooter. Sigh. Too ugly to even put on the same page with these lovely bikes.)

Hopefully Mini will have the stones to actually make these rides and not just show us a couple ofย  “one-off” concept bikes.

Same with Smart –yes another car company sticking a tentative toe into the scooter market– who is also working on an electric scooter. A bit more modern looking with the whole iPod and Eve from Wall-e thing going on (I like the mini concept better, a bit more rugged and a ton more retro).But still not a bad ride for a modern look at big city travel. With the single rear wheel motor I assume the Smart E-Scooter will be slower than the Mini that has both front and back wheel motors. Also the Smart has only a single seat vs the potential for two passengers on the Mini.

Both the Mini scooter and Smart scooter areย  suppose to be at the Paris auto show in Oct…so we should see some real photos next month. Can’t wait. Should be fun.

Perhaps Honda will smarten up (is smarten a word?) and finally get to work on a few electric bikes too…their Electric super cub concept was quite fetching for a small, light city commuter…

But enough about Electric scooters that aren’t yet made for people to own. Next topics will be about Electric Cars and Electric Motorcycles that aren’t yet made for people to own (I sense a disturbing pattern here).

Or are there some out there??? Stay tuned to find out. ๐Ÿ™‚

Take care





Nice video of the Mini electric scooters…a concept, but they have made three working models…all three look great, but I would likely have to go mod ๐Ÿ™‚






4 responses

22 09 2010

Nice beginning, Gavin! I like those scooters…but you might want to keep a place in your heart for Brammo’s scooter. It’s going to come out one of these days.

22 09 2010

Sure will…maybe Craig will sneak me an image to add to this post?
Heck, I would even start a whole new post for that ๐Ÿ™‚


22 09 2010
23 09 2010

I want the retro style electric…although the one that looks like an iPod is charming…

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