Winter Gloves.

27 10 2010

Sigh…Yesterday I had to break out the winter gloves.

Why? Especially so early in the year? Usually I”m not rocking the winter gloves till December. And no it’s not that I’m getting old and frail. Well not completely.

This is why…

33 degrees is just a bit cold, so time to put away the fall gloves and go for my “high tech” winter riding gloves…yep, regular old ski gloves.

Luckily I was back to my fall gloves this morning, and hopefully for many more weeks. What is crazy is that I was riding just a week or so ago up to the top of Sandia and getting a sunburn. I actually rode that day in light leather coat and even without a glove on my left hand as I was trying to film some of the ride while holding my iPhone….Yes, very dumb.

side note:

***Kids, don’t do what Donny Don’t does***

End side note:

But it was hella warm compared to yesterday. And that is up another 5 thousand feet and usually 20 degrees colder. Hopefully yesterday was an aberration, and that the winter gloves say hidden under the seat in storage until at least Thanksgiving.  Time, and my increasing frailty, will tell.

Here is the short video from the mountain ride…Yes I was driving slow…and yes the video is a bit jerky….you try driving one handed while videoing with an iPhone.

Again, iPhone…Scooter…twisty mountain road…filming…one handed. That said, I will duct tape the phone to my helmet next time 🙂

This was nearer the bottom and not as twisty as the top…I hoped to film going all the way up but: one, it really was less than safe. two, I wasn’t having nearly as much fun as I do when I get to ride the turns fast. So it is what it is.

On a second side note:

Went with Daniel and Zack this weekend on a ride up to Madrid and the Mine Shaft Tavern (surprisingly not a gay bar). Good ride, good company…Nice buffalo burger. Fall gloves 🙂

Third freakin’ side note (isn’t everything in essence a side note when it comes to blogs?):

Last night heading home from Geeks who Drink (we got 1st place…yea, randon knowledge and drinking…thank god the Irish are good at something 🙂 ) I hit 10,000 miles on my bigger scooter.

Will put a few more miles on her this weekend as Daniel, Zack and I (and maybe I can convince some of the scooter people?) head down to Los Lunas and visit The Tractor Brew Company. We will try not to “Get Plowed” as we will have to ride back and get ready for the Halloween Party at the McCullough-Aaron household.


This time of year is beautiful down along the Rio Grande…All the cottonwoods should be nice and yellow.  So getting a few good rides in before the leaves all fall is my plan…that and the weather (when not 33 degrees in the morning) is great this time of year for nice long rides.

That will be three weekend rides in a row…sweetness. And all the scooter people are riding down to Tucson the weekend after that. Not sure I can make it, but the thought of driving 480 miles with a bunch of crazy scooter people is almost too good to turn down. I feel a fever brewing around thursdays the 4th and might need a couple of days off work 🙂

8 hours of riding a scooter one day, followed by 8 hours of riding a scooter the next…ah, a painful bliss that calls to me. Sure by Sunday I will have to watch football laying on my belly with frozen peas duct taped to my ass, but the upside is hard to pass up.


ps…yes I know I still have my solar panels to discuss and a blog to post on electric vehicles….soon…



2 responses

27 10 2010

Favorite line: Went with Daniel and Zack this weekend on a ride up to Madrid and the Mine Shaft Tavern (surprisingly not a gay bar).

Most disturbing visual imagery: laying on my belly with frozen peas duct taped to my ass,

Fun to read, though. Keep it up, Gavin.

27 10 2010

Did you take that picture of Cottonwoods along the Rio or scan it from a calendar?

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