Brammo Blog: Independence Day!

5 07 2012

Blog 8, the Ocho.



So many meanings here. And such a powerful word. Love, Hate, Freedom, Independence…certain words have an emotion beyond the letters, beyond the dictionary explanation.

Yesterday the meaning, at least here in the States, is tied to this Country’s early fight for Freedom and Independence from England. **

And that is a very powerful statement…Our Country is Independent. We fought, shed blood, lost families all to have a freer, better future.

Years later, with the Emancipation Proclamation, black slaves in this country started a march towards freedom and Independence from being thought of and treated as property.



Beyond that the meaning can be more personal. At 18 a young person here in the States becomes Independent of their parents. A progression from infant to child to young adult.

Here at Brammo Blog, Independence can be applied to being independent of Oil and Gas and free from the influence and control of countries that don’t really like us. Heck, many of them kinda hate us.

To me that is important on a few levels. Supporting governments of corrupt countries that treat their citizens poorly and would like nothing better than to see us fail and fall, well that seems “wrong”.

At the same time, becoming Energy Independent is a great way to support our own people, our own country. All while improving our Air, our Water, and our Planet for our children. Shipping oil thousands of miles across Oceans is not a very clean method to power our homes, cars, motorcycles. We can, and will, do better.

Beyond even that, Independence can be finding strength within to fight addiction. Strength within to leave an abusive relationship. Strength to find within a voice of Independent thought.

A strong word. A strong thought. A strong concept.

To be free. To be Independent. Everyday can be your Independence day.



**(Isn’t it strange that the countries we are closest to are the ones we have fought wars with? England was our first war, and now is likely our closest ally. German, two Great Wars, and now close ally. Japan? We freaking dropped two nuclear weapons on them…the only country to ever have a nuclear bomb used against them…and now we are best buds. Not sure what all that means, just interesting to note.)


Of course a blog post here would not be complete without some Brammo images or news.

July 4th image from Brammo:


Brammo’s Youngest Rider

She was adorable making the “incorrect” motorcycle sound…this one doesn’t go “bababababababab” Addy. It goes…..”—–“.


and lastly….Brammo SENT ME AN EMPULSE R!!!!!

Sadly it is a Empulse R mug…oh well…maybe soon enough I will have a nice new Brammo I can RIDE vs drink out of. 🙂


Till next time….



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6 07 2012
Rebecca Roth

Have you posted the photo of Addy on Facebook. If not, you must.

6 07 2012

Will do

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