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6 07 2012

Non Blog Post: #10

Ok, this is the Friday non-blog post, post.

Short and sweet with little meat.

Brammo Blog (me) is heading to Durango in the morning…so hopefully, weather permitting, there will be lots of pretty photos up in herrre come Monday.

Everyone have a great weekend…I know I will. πŸ™‚

(some photos to sign off with)


one of the reasons I’m heading North…cooler weather…I hope πŸ™‚


now to be honest, it wasn’t 116 here, just a bit over 100…but the battery compartment did get to 116 degrees while sitting in the sun. The sun is bright and hot here at 5331 feet. Which is the altitude of my driveway.

Ok, to be REALLY honest, this is the altitude of me lying on the couch in my living room. I just happen to be testing the Altimeter while being in, what my wife fondly calls, That ONE Damn Position Gavin is Always In.

Ok, to be really really honest, there is nothing “fondly” about how she calls me being on the couch. It’s not my fault that we happened to buy a really really comfortable couch.


My transport truck bumper…Ska Brewing and Brammo. I will be riding one to do a tour of the other. As in, I will be riding the Enertia over to the World Headquarters of Ska Brewing for a tour of their facilities. Tours daily at 4 pm, except on Sunday. Ska is closed on Sundays.

Sadly I will not be able to test their product…maybe just a sample size…Hmmm, does the Durango Trolly go out as far as Ska? Must look into that…and if the Enertia will fit on the back πŸ™‚


Continuing with the “I Park Where I Want” theme:

The sign probably means no motorcycles inside the cage.

I choose to think it means no parking where I parked too…just so I can be a REBEL!!


and finally…

this has a triple effect: 1) I am parking where I want…which is directly in front of the restaurant and 5 feet from the door. 2) I am showing that I have zero RANGE anxiety πŸ™‚ and 3) it is one of my families favorite places to eat. So I like giving it some pub…again, pretending that anybody reads this blog…


Till next time….



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2 responses

6 07 2012
Rebecca Roth

Have a wonderful time in Durango.

6 07 2012

Will do…actually that is a great suggestion…originally I had planned to have a mediocre time at best. Maybe even a crappy time. But now I plan to have a wonderful time. Thanks!

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