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11 07 2012

Blog Lucky 13:  LAGUNA freakin’ SECA!!!

Yes!….I’m going back to Cali, Cali, Cali / I’m going back to Cali.. hmm, Yes I do think so!

Ok, so I’m no LL Cool J. Actually I’m paler and lamer than Vanilla Ice. Sigh.

I am just barely cool enough to be allowed into The Red Bull U.S Grand Prix at Laguna Seca. And if you are wondering what that is:

It will be thousands and thousands of people, vendors, LOUD motorcycles going insanely fast, Quiet motorcycles going very very fast also…and one dude that is paler and lamer than Vanilla Ice (actually I bet there will be many people paler and lamer than Vanilla Ice there…but that is a whole other topic.)


Received in mail yesterday! 3 day pass and a Paddock Pass…which allows me down in the staging area.


Monterey, California, where Laguna Seca is located, is just LOVELY. One of the prettiest places on Earth. It is also hella expensive, especially during the week of Seca. Which is why I’m staying in Salinas.

I think Salinas’ official slogan is something like this:

Salinas, the Superfluous Nipple of Monterey, but close and affordable.

I will have a grand time no matter what! “Why is that”, you ask? Because I am an invited guest of Adrian Stewart, head of marketing for Brammo Motorcycles. What that means is….well I’m not sure. I do know that I get to “help” out at Seca. But that is broad and scarily vague.  He did say I would be a VIP, but again, I have no idea what that gets me. Drinks? Respect? Helping with bike set-up and take down. Or a broom to clean the Pit area?

Pit Monkey would be cool. I would totally be down for that. But the chances of somebody losing a finger is increased greatly by having me handle anything other than a broom. And Brammo’s rider has already lost part of his finger…


SteveO at the Brammo Empulse Release event, a few days after the high side crash at Infineon.

Either the pain meds are kicking in, or he is practicing his “American History X” stare.


But back on topic…Laguna Seca should be a blast. I have a lot planned and it will be a “dense” week. No jokes about how all MY weeks are dense.

I will be driving the truck out with the Enertia on-board so I will have that fun little machine to ride around. The Enertia will be perfect for riding from Salinas to the Race Track and back. And for some short rides around Monterey too.

+++Leaving on the 24th… Is it too soon to pack up the truck?


The Plan: Drive from Albuquerque to Needles, CA and spend the night…because everybody needs to spend at least one night in Needles. That way you will always be thankful for the  place you live. Next day, drive the heck away from Needles as fast as I can. Get to Salinas and then wonder why the heck I was trying to get to Salinas so fast.

Then I have a “day off”…which means a day in Monterey. That will be when I understand why I was driving so fast, because I do love me some Monterey. Will try and get in an early morning Sea Kayaking trip. Then some time at the amazing Monterey Aquarium. And then a little group ride around Monterey with some other Electric Motorcycle riders.


A rough estimate of the Route…Haven’t hammered down the exact start and stop.


Then Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be spent at the Race Track having–hopefully– some fun. It will be wild. It will be crazy. And those two usually equal fun. That or a week in the hospital. I’m hoping on fun. (I almost wrote, I’m “shooting” on fun. But the last time I was shooting for fun….a week in the hospital.)

+++My sun allergies will make me look similar to this by Sunday…Ok, I don’t have sun allergies, but I still plan to look like this by Sunday.


Official Slogan of Laguna Seca:**

Looking for something to ride at LAGUNA SECA??


Why not ride THIS!!!!

**ok, not in the least bit is that the official slogan of Laguna Seca…but it should be.


Gotta Run…Lots to do…Pack, plan…and can’t forget my riding gear….



Till Next Time…


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Bonus photo…a Rain Jelly**…not the best, but big.

**Rain Jellys are clouds with rain steaming down with distinct ends of the rain.

Like a JellyFish moving across the sky and dragging its tentacles along the ground.



2 responses

11 07 2012
Rebecca Roth

If I remember right I liked Salinas way more than Monterrey. Less touristy and Steinbeck wrote about it.

11 07 2012

Ha, ha. I remember that look Steve gave during the interview. I was writing snarky comments on my facebook page. The look had nothing to do with meds or the accident. It was the moment Steve realized this lady knew nothing about motorcycle racing. I can’t remember the question. I’m pretty sure it’s a repressed memory. 😉

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