Brammo Blog : Still supporting the 3 day weekend…but I can’t resist a Friday the 13th Blog.

13 07 2012

Blog 15…If I was smart I would have saved blog 13 for today…but, sadly and truthfully, i ain’t s.m.r.t.



Normally Friday is an off day for the world famous Brammo Blog, but then all my days are “off” days. But today is Friday the 13th! I love this day.

So today we do a little mash-up blog and cover a number of bases.



Jason doing what Jason does best…but now in Stealth Mode.


Jason is thinking…”If I had the Plus version of this fantastic bike  I could do some stabbing twice as far.”


2nd…Rides and Camping and “Festing”…

There is ScootNM to talk about…and Summerfest…and Camp Scoot (though that is next month, so it can wait for it’s own Blog)


Tomorrow is a get together and a showing-off  of the various rides…followed by a group ride…I am on-call all this week and next, but will try and make as much of this as I can.


Summerfest looks fun….But this is what I’m going for:


Hanging out and showing off the ride…two things I love to do.


And finally some Crazy Blog called the “Wall Street Journal”, whatever that is, tells us that Brammo plans to raise 1 Billion Dollars!!!

and all I can say to that is….



Gotta Run…the weekend calls.

Till Next Time…


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ps…Saw this sign near work…I WILL PARK THERE next week…Bet on it.

after all, I don’t even have an “OTORCYCLE”


Pss…Breaking News…

Finally a reason to go to Walmart…because it is no longer a Walmart…



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