Brammo Blog: Supporting the Three Day Weekend…but also Getting Ready for LAGUNA SECA.

20 07 2012

Blog 20.  A busy weekend coming up…followed by a CRAZY BUSY week next week.


Friday is my official Non-Blog, Blog Day. So short and semi-sweet (and why is semi-sweet chocolate so sour? Or is it just me?)

Tonight…Not much riding. Will meet the wife and daughters for dinner and then hitting the 7:40 XD showing of The Dark Knight**. The Enertia does get a bit of attention at the Movie Parking lot. Last time I came out to a guy…wait let me rephrase that: Last time, as I was leaving the theater, a guy was taking photos of the bike and when I got on and turned the Enertia on, he said, “Hey, turn off the headlight, I’m taking a picture.” Rude, but I turned off the light so he could get his photo.

Tomorrow is Summerfest

I’ll be there from 1:30 to about 5:30…showing off the Enertia and giving out some brochures…


I would stay longer, but I “came into” a couple of Club House tickets to the Isotopes game Saturday night (thanks Haze) and my wife loves going to the games. And there are fireworks after the game, which is cool. Plus going to the Isotopes games is about the only time my wife will ride with me on the Enertia. Parking is soooooo much better on the bike than by car.  But mostly I can’t miss a chance to have D ride with me.


We don’t actually park “here”…we park CLOSER.  🙂


So Saturday is booked solid.

Sunday is a mildly down day. If things are quiet I hope to do a bit of filming. Maybe in Tijeras, definitely redoing the Hotel Parq Central through Knob Hill video that I lost the other day. (see Blog 19).


But the real news is NEXT WEEK…because…

I am going to SECA. I am going to SECA. I am going to SECA.

(sung in Conga Line cadence– like this:)


I’ve been practicing loading and unloading the Enertia by myself.


Super Stoked about that…though the 1000 mile drive in a CAGE is not my favorite thing. But when I get there it will be fun. A lot of work, but fun.

I do get the privileged of helping Brammo set up their area on Thursday morning and do odds and ends with them on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and then help take down the set up on Sunday night…Hey, wait a minute…that sounds vaguely like WORK.

And it will be…I will get dirty and it will be hot and nasty down in the pit area…and LOUD with all the gas bikes. But it will be fun and a great experience. And hopefully I don’t lose a finger or two. But if I do, I plan to wear them around my neck like The Onion Knight.



If you get to Laguna Seca next weekend:  Friday, Saturday, and Sunday-from 8am to 6pm-I will be at one of the two circled areas 🙂


Well a lot more at “S” or the Pit/Paddock area. The Beer Garden will have to wait for the end of the day…and then only 1 as I am riding the Enertia from Salinas to Seca and back each day. And I imagine that the cops will be out in force with all the event goers and tourist. Seca draws 100,000 people over the 3 day event.


I will keep the blog running during all of next week. Updating the travel and the TXXGP racing news. But till then…Have a great weekend everybody.


Till Next Time…


For more info on Brammo, please visit:
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ps…next week is the StreetFest…but you don’t have to wait till then to buy a raffle ticket to win a Scooter or Fixie…Buy one NOW!…or buy many.


**I really don’t want to write anything about, nor even thing about, what happened at the midnight showing of The Dark Night up in Colorado. Horrible. Horrible. My thoughts are with the families who lost loved ones.



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