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24 07 2012

Blog 23…kinda


As much as I love my iPad, I am horrid at blogging with it. At least the way I want to blog.

So I am adding a few photos and videos here, but don’t expect it to look nice or behave well with others…the blog has taken the social network to an anti-social place…Plus the internet absolutely sucks in my room…slow and painful, like the hangnail scene in Black Swan, but, without hyperbole, a billion times worse


I have trust issues where I am in Vegas…I couldn’t do this at the Venetian, but then I probably wouldn’t have too either.



Holy Moley, driving the strip sounds fun…but the reality is like having Capt. Hook give you a prostate exam, but, without hyperbole, a billion times worse.
9 miles in 1 1/2 hours…a part of my soul died…but it could have been heat stroke.

I did go from end to end…and will redo it at 7am…I imagine the traffic will be much much less…jeez I hope so.




I did some video…will look through it, but likely will get better stuff with less traffic.

In the meantime….a random collection of recent stuff.




Peek a boo…following my brother to Hotel Parq Central and taking a look at myself in the back window.


A long video–10 minutes—of driving from Knob Hill to Hotel Parq Central and back through Knob Hill…at sunset.


And have a few more…but will spare you…for now…

Have a great evening…




2 responses

25 07 2012
Rebecca Roth

Is that the Space Needle?

25 07 2012

In Vegas, not Seattle…that is Stratosphere…a hotel at the end of the strip

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