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10 08 2012

Blog 31: Friday, so blog is not a blog at all. It’s just your imagination, once again, running away with you….


Today is a day for a couple of mash ups and a short bit about the wife rolling her beautiful eyes at me… sigh.
Still I keep promising a Laguna Seca Blog…but LIFE seems to enjoy getting in the way. Double Sigh. It is coming…soon.


So I love taking images and adding the Enertia to them…I am horrible at it, but I count that as part of the “charm”.

Today I add the Empulse to a couple of photos.


It is Friday…the day to plan your Great Escape


I actually met Steve McQueen** once. It was his heavy drinking stage and he was a bit bloated and I remember he was quite impressive in how much he put down. I was at Chez Jays in Santa Monica with my father. It was one of his “divorced daddy” days and he usually took me and my brother to the bar. We would sit at the bar and eat peanuts and drink “Captain Kangaroos” (which were really Shirley Temples, but we didn’t want to drink Shirley Temples, so the bartender just renamed the drink for us). I was 6 or 7…maybe 5? A bit of a blur…those Captain Kangaroos were STRONG.


Small story: The other night it was raining, thunder, lightning, the sky was an orange and gray color even though dusk was over an hour away. It looked like it could hail…or worse. Ominous, but lovely.

I was going to meet my lovely wife and lovely daughter for dinner; along with my older brother and a close friend, Margret, who were already at the Tavern.

So I’m leaving the house: there is a car in the garage, there is a pickup truck out front, there is the Enertia. Guess which one I take.

I get to The Barley Room soaking wet, big smile on my face. The wife looks over and slowly shakes her head and rolled her eyes in such a way that would make a shark at a feeding frenzy jealous. Poor woman is married to an idiot.


Till Next Time…


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Bonus. Non-Brammo related…

I made this the other day and my daughter made fun of me…”Dad, you know there are a thousand images like that on the internet.” “I made mine first.” “Uh, no.” “Well I made mine before I saw any of the others.” I get no respect.

I’m proud of my tire tracks, even if they are not at all the same as the Morse code tread of the Curiosity. Kinda cool how the tread spells out JPL in Morse code. Geeks, gotta love them.

Ps.  NASA, I’m loving the images from Mars. We live in “wondrous” times.


**Of course this is not Steve McQueen at all. Yes, he was a great motorcycle rider and could have done the jump easily, but the studio wouldn’t let him. So this is his stunt double.



One response

10 08 2012
Brammofan (@brammofan)

Glad you didn’t show him on the Empulse, sliding into the barbed wire. Always broke my heart to see that part of the movie and it would have been worse to see the bike lying on its side.

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