Brammo Blog : Kickball…It’s not just for Children anymore…

15 08 2012

Blog 32: It is also for child-like adults. WAKA WAKA WAKA.



So my wife and I play adult kickball on Sundays. It is a pretty fun time running around in the sun and hanging with friends, followed by beer. So pretty much a win win.

The Summer Tournament was this weekend. Which meant a few hundred hipsters all got together and played a child’s game. And yelled a lot.

I took a few photos.


At first I parked outside the fenced area. It was a public park after all. That changed a bit later in the day.

I need some side bags…


Moved closer to the action.


Many more tents than this…couldn’t get them all and the bike too…


For some Kickball was secondary.


A short blog as I was out at Gallup Clinic all day. Hoping to have Laguna Seca, Day 2 up tomorrow.


Till Next Time…


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Bonus image.

I made this for all our Pediatric Exam rooms. 1. Reminds the doctors to warm their stethoscopes. 2. The kids love the image.

And yes, I didn’t take the photo…we don’t have baby gorillas as patients. I just added the words.

If you have a pediatric practice, please feel free to use this image in your clinic 🙂

It is a 8×10 image.



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