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24 08 2012

Blog 36: Again, Friday is a no blog, blog day.


Short and hella sweet.

Well, all caught up on my Laguna Seca Blogs. Finally. CampScoot blog is done. So I guess I have nothing to blog about anymore.


Kidding. Another weekend. Another road trip. I will be heading to…well come back Monday and see. I will say that there should be some very Grand images. Hint Hint.

In the meantime: Riding in Red Rocks made the Enertia quite dirty.



So she got a nice bath. And a chain cleaning and lube too.


So when people ask you, and they will ask you, “Is that Electric? What happens to the bike when it rains?”

You can answer, “It gets wet. And so do I as I love to ride in the rain.”


Till Next Time…


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Brammo: Make this happen…He loves motorcycles and he wants an Electric Motorcycle (he tried to buy the Missions Motor bike, but it is a one off and not for sale at any price).

Send him this photo, a copy of the Hell for Leather review** and a nice note saying, “Hey Mr Reynolds. We have an amazing motorcycle for you to try out. It rides great, looks great and as a bonus it is clean electric power. Give us a call and if you like it, well you can be one of the first people to own one.”



**If you haven’t read the Hell for Leather review, Go Now.



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