BrammoBlog: The Addendum…dum, da, dum dum dummmmmmmmmmmm

6 09 2012

Blog 40: Ok, this is an extra blog post as yesterday’s was getting a bit long in the tooth. Whatever that means.

We ended yesterday’s blog post with this:

Part 3: Miller Motorsports Park: For some reason I keep calling it Miller’s MotorPark…and then I think of this:


But I don’t see the Enertia as the victim…so….


Yeah, that Enertia is one bad mutherfu….Shut your mouth…But I’m just talkin’ bout Enertia.


Shaft is soooo cool that he can swing in on a rope WITH an Enertia between his legs and shoot some bad dudes stone cold dead.


But enough of all that

This Blog is about my rides and experiences with the Enertia, and now Enertia Plus. And I don’t usually cover events that I haven’t taken part in. But I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how the Brammo Team did this past weekend at Miller Motorsports Park in the final race of the North American TTXGP.

Brammo has been racing in the TTXGP both last and this year. They have teamed with Icon (makers of crazy good motorcycle gear) for this years races. Last year Brammo won the North American Championship. This year they were in the lead heading to Miller and would repeat as North American Champions if they did well…..


Steve-O Atlas doing some windtunnel testing for Icon and their new helmet. They have a great video I will link to later.


I’m not going to give a run down or play by play…remember, I wasn’t there. So I will let some photos and youtubes tell the story.


The Bikes pre-race. Looking Sharp.


Eric Bostrom in qualifying


Nice lean by Eric Bostrom.


So a great result for Team Icon Brammo. Eric Bostrom comes in first, Steve Atlas comes in second. And Eric’s fastest lap is faster than the 1000cc gas bikes. More on that in a minute.


And a nice SteveO lean…with the North American Championship Results.

The wonderful things here are: SteveO wins two years in a row. Brammo wins two years in a row. And Eric Bostrom, the newest rider for Team Icon Brammo, only drove in two races, and still was in 4th place.

A great job all around for the team, the riders, the builder and designers.


So what do you do when you win?


Well if you’re the North American TTXGP Champ…you pose for some nice photos by yourself…


And with the TEAM.


And then you do some wicked burnouts….

I mean you can only be so green. Sometimes you do a little pollution for celebration…though the smoke was quite white and clean looking.


Congrats to the team. Good luck at the World Championship in Daytona. I might have to see if I can get some time off work 🙂

I wonder how long it would take to drive the Plus out?? Off to Google Maps….


This next bit is stolen from Protomech over at the Brammoforum:

Brian Wismann on twitter posted that the Empulse RR bikes were faster around Miller East than the latest literbikes at a recent CycleWorld test.

Miller West “Exotics”:
1:34.94 Aprilia RSV4 Factory
1:35.45 EBR 1190RS
1:35.31 Ducati Panigale S
1:37.10 MV Agusta F4 RR
1:36.58 Honda CBR1000RR

Miller East “Workhorses”:
1:40.74 Honda CBR1000RR
1:40.93 BMW S1000RR
1:41.22 Suzuki GSX-R1000
1:41.57 Kawasaki ZX-10R
1:41.84 Yamaha YZF-R1

Indeed, a 1:38.40 best lap for Eric Bostrom is more than two seconds faster than the best literbike (Honda CBR1000RR) tested on Miller East. On the slightly faster Miller West, the higher-spec $23k Aprilia RSV4 Factory and $40k EBR 1190RS bikes are less than two seconds faster than the CBR1000RR.

Different day, different riders, and comparing street-legal (barely) gas bikes to pure race electrics.. but the electrics win.


Good to see the Electrics are getting as good as the gas bikes…

Till Next Time…


For more info on Brammo, please visit:
For more images, photos, discussions and all around Brammo goodness: visit, lurk and maybe join:


Bonus Photo Time:

Ok, went to the last Isotopes game of the season. It was a day game and one thing the ‘Topes do that is really cool is let people onto the field before day games. Kids playing catch. Old geezers like me just walking around as it is COOL to be on the field. And I took some photos.



I just love this park…Such a nice place.


Now to find some parking….

First off: “I Park where I WANT” has now become contagious.


On the Field…Score!  I mean, Scoreboard.


Kids playing…and me acting like a fool walking around taking photos of everything.


After the game…Checking out the University Stadium across the street.

And…… End.





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