Brammo “Weekly” Blog: Bonus Friday Addition.

28 09 2012

Blog 45: A quick photo blog and a tease or 2 about upcoming blogs.


I have a few photos I took the other day and planned to use them for next weeks blog…BUT….

Next week’s blog is already titled (Quiet Bike/Loud Helmet*) and pretty much worked out.

The blog for the week after that is also already planned.


Bonus Freaking Blog baby!


I was riding home the other day and there were rain clouds in the distance. So I found a little place to pull over and grab a picture or two. I wanted to include the Volcanoes off to the West of Albuquerque. There are about 5 of them, all very small and extinct. They last erupted around 200,000 years ago. So a few years before Brammofan was born.

It is impossible to get lost in Albuquerque as the Mountain is to the East and the Volcanoes are to the West. Well almost impossible. My sister in law can get lost in a Target parking lot. So she is the only one I know of who has gotten horribly lost while driving around town. But I digress. (for a photo blog, I sure do write a lot.)


I found this strange little area. Not sure what it is used for. I had to ride down about 5 stairs. Don’t tell Brammo. Luckily they don’t read this blog… 🙂


A bit more of a close up.

So a bit or rain off in the distance to the West. The three largest volcano cones are seen as small bumps on the otherwise flat horizon. The Volcanoes are not really all that impressive. Small. Dead. But still cool to have Volcanoes on the outskirts of the city.


I live on the side closer to the Mountain. Riding home (first day using my new Icon helmet on my commute to and from work) and I find that it is also raining on “my side” of town…and we have a bit of a rainbow. Not the best rainbow…we have some truly amazing rainbows out here in the high desert… but I will take almost any rainbow photo.

We get a lot of rainbows because, though it rarely rains, it is almost always sunny. So when we finally do get rain, well we also have a high chance of the sun shining too…and Sun + Rain = Rainbows. It’s Science.


I increased the contrast and saturation a bit to bring out the Rainbow.


and another one with a bit of extra contrast and color in the sky.


Those three photos were taken a couple of houses up from ours. I was getting rained on, so I decided to get back home and inside…and stopped in front of our house to get a couple of more photos.

Nice…and nice with the flag. But a bit dark…so…


Still dark….The iPhone is not a fan of dusk. Still nice, and very patriotic with the Flag standing so straight and tall.


Grrr. Dark and oversaturated in the sky.


The sun coming out a bit helped get it a bit better…well that and merging two photos together. Of course I think I need to work on the photo a bit more. Notice the double image of the back tire and bits of white around the tree line…I truly do suck at Photoshop.


Anywho…a short blog. Next week is my review of my new Icon Airmada Stack helmet (the first one sold in New Mexico…or so I was told) and of the Enertia Plus.

The blog for the week after that is “Top Secret”. So NO HINTS. 🙂

Well I will say it is not that I got a Plus or Empulse of my own…just another trip blog. But a fun and interesting trip is planned for Oct 6th.


Till Next Time…


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*Quiet Bike/Loud Helmet. Icon should use this slogan in their advertizing of the Airmada Stack HiViz Yellow and HiViz Orange helmets. “Loud Helmets Save Lives”



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