Brammoblog: More unrequested advertising efforts.

4 12 2012

Blog 59: not really a blog…just bored at work and so….Wait…isn’t that the definition of 98% of all blogs?


Obviously I am not a marketing person. And it shows.

For most people knowing their limitations is a good and healthy start. Me? I know my limitations and, like a Honey Badger**, I  just don’t care.

Now the smart and sane thing would be to know one’s limitations and then either accept them or work at improving oneself….privately. Me? I know my limitations, don’t care, AND will share all my failings for the world to see (or at least the three people who read this…me, my mom, and my other personality).


Today I “help” Brammo with their Advertising campaign. And I use the word help very loosely.

So why I am helping them? Because they asked??


Because they might find any of my ideas helpful in some small way?


If anything my constant emails and posts take Brammo away from needed work and further delay them.

So Why?

Because…well because I am neither smart nor sane and so there…



brammo lean


brammo lean 2


brammo charging


brammo green


bramm clean


brammo mean



Till Next Time…


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**I Just Don’t Care…