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27 06 2012

Blog #3,  6/28/12

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall…all you have to do is Ride

Ok, so Ride doesn’t rhyme with Fall…It’s called Creative License…or for me, being lazy. Oh well.

Speaking of Lazy…today is a Photo Journal Day…So very few words from me.  (do I hear clapping? through the computer screen? well, that is fairly insulting. and kinda impossible.)

I have now “owned” the loaner Enertia for 8 1/2 months and have covered 4 seasons** and 4000 miles. Not bad for a short range commuter bike.

(**Ok, we are just a couple of days into Summer, but when I’m riding in 100 plus degree temps, well Summer is covered as far as I’m concerned.)

So I’m going to show a few “Season” related photos I’ve taken. And a bonus shot or two at the end.


WINTER IS COMING…actually winter has past, but is also coming…gah, paradox….

The coldest I drove the Enertia was 9 degrees. I did ride in some snow, but no ice storms this years. Truthfully this past Winter was fairly light in the snow department. I would have loved a bit more.

more mud than snow…as I said, a pretty mild and warm Winter.


SPRINGTIME FOR ENERTIA IN BUR-ER-QUE…ok, nobody calls Albuquerque, Bur-er-que. But I was trying to make it fit the Springtime for Hitler and Germany song phrasing…

With only one photo, I obviously need to take more pictures in Spring. But really Spring is my least favorite season in New Mexico…Cold and Windy and usually very dry. And by Windy I  mean “Wind and more Wind and finally even more Wind till you think you will surely go crazy”…and don’t call me Shirley.

But I did get this nice shot:

The location wasn’t ideal, but I quickly stopped to get this photo in the back of a 7-11 parking lot (where I promptly had some dude asking for change who was wearing nicer clothes and shoes than me…really?) and then I drove up the road trying to get a “better” shot with a prettier surrounding. It was a Zen Study as I could never find the right spot to stop until the rainbow started to fade. I quickly pulled over, parked the bike and got the iPhone out to take a photo and, at that very second, the rainbow faded like the Cheshire Cat…

Have you ever witness a person standing on the side of the road in full Motorcycle gear who is yelling and cursing at a non-existent rainbow? It is not a pretty sight.

The moral: I don’t know. Take the first shot? Enjoy the rainbow while you can? Don’t go chasing waterfalls…I mean rainbows?

Still the shot is nice, even with the dirt lot and garish Planet Fitness billboard.


SUMMERTIME….AND THE RIDIN’ IS EASY…Gavin’s on the Enertia with Ras M.G, all people in the street will agree, that we’re well qualified to represent the A.B.Q.

ok, Sublime didn’t quite fit there…

We are barely into Summer, so again, like Spring, only one Photo. Future photos will include:  Durango, Colorado…crazy beautiful. Laguna Seca:  Race photos, random photos, Monterey Photos…maybe “special secret” photos.

But here is one of a dog on the Enertia. Go Maya. Nothing cuter than a dog on a motorcycle with her tongue hanging out. No comments about that last sentence please.


FALL…I have no idea how to use Fall in a title…Fall is just lovely in New Mexico…but then I think Fall is lovely just about anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere. After the Summer heat and sun has pounded the ground, the buildings, and the people, well Fall gently surrenders that hot, that pain back to the sky. It takes that “burning” and says, “Here, let me ease your burden, let me channel all that fire inside and I will touch each and every leaf of each and every tree** and with every leaf that goes from green to gold to brown and then curls and falls dry and dead to the ground, you will feel the Earth, and yourself, become cool and quiet and calm.” Or maybe nothing like that at all…what do I know.

(**except Evergreens…the spoiled children of the tree world. “Give up my leaves, my needles? Heaven’s no.” Brats.)


Bonus Photos: We had a nice little Annular Solar Eclipse here and Albuquerque was just about the best place in the World to view it. So we had a Solar Eclipse get together-party…Funny Glasses, paper plates with pinholes, Eclipse Boxes and Binoculars set up to magnify the Eclipse…tons of fun. Sadly Eclipses are hard to photograph without special equipment. But we got some shots….

Paper Plate pinhole shot of the Eclipse “shining” onto the Enertia.

And did you know that you can use your “HAND” as a pinhole camera?? I didn’t till that day.

Solar light coming through a very small opening in my hand…Look like the profile of a Ninja Turtle to me.

Finally, a bit of a cheat here…Binocular image of Eclipse on the Enertia.

The Black and White is to make it “Classy”.

But enough….

Holy Crap…I think I wrote more on this so called “Photo Journal” than in my standard Blog posts…I might need an intervention…

Till Next Time…


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2 responses

27 06 2012
Rebecca Roth

Gavin, where is that “Entrance, Do Not Enter sign?” I must see it.

27 06 2012

I don’t know….I needed a paradox image the the ever bountiful interwebs provided

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