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28 06 2012
Blog #4


**(and not the horrible band from the  late 1990 to early 2000s…of course anything by them would/should be free. Probably they should give any listener compensation, basically a form of payment understanding the pain inflicted on the listener.)


One of the things I love about the Enertia is that is is somewhat small, light and easy to take just about any place…which I do. Then I park her just about any place I want.

No oil drips, no gas smell, no hot exhaust pipe. I have never had a complaint nor been asked to move the bike. In fact, if I do  get stopped it is not to move the bike, but to be asked many many questions about her.

So today’s Photo Journal is all about “Parking where I WANT!” Cuz I’m tough like that 🙂


Photo 1:

Summer Adult Kickball League** has just started. Do I park with the cars on the street? NO! I park on the FIELD. Try and stop me….

Yes, it is behind our Shade Tent, but still technically on the field.

**and Yes, Adult Kickball…go ahead and insert Oxymoron jokes…but it is fun and Deanna joined up, so having the wife play is nice.


Photo 2:

I take a trip to the fantabulos Albuquerque Zoo. Do I park in the parking lot with the cars? NO, I park next to the adorable Roadrunner sculpture right at the front entrance. Try and stop me.


Photo 3:

I head to O’Neill’s  Pub at their Knob Hill location (Parking in the back only. Parking in the back is for LOSERS). Do I park in the back with the cars and the losers? NO, I park right off Central Ave right in front of the dog entrance….cuz I love DOGS…Try and stop me.


Photo 4:

I’m riding on campus and want to have an animated discussion with the bronze Lobo sculpture (it was a Wednesday, my day to discuss Camus and Existentialism with random metal objects.) Do I look for visitor parking? NO! I park on the sidewalk next to the LOBO.** –all together– “TRY and Stop Me!”

**(Lobo was particularly bristly that day…trying to argue back, “Gavin, what you fail to see is that language is no longer spoken by man to express a true inner self, but that language speaks man. But what do I know? I’m just a metal Wolf permanently a fixed to this concrete block, forever watching each person walk by. The interactions, the loneliness, the joy’s and sadness, the failure to accept the human self as free yet fleeting.” And I said, “Ha, yes, you’re just a Wolf. You lose. I WIN!”)


Photos 5-8:

A bit of a theme here…Parking in No Parking and riding past One Way signs. Do I look for a different area to park? Do I listen to One Way signs (on days other than Wednesday)? NO. Again, all together now and with feeling: “Try and Stop ME!”

(and yet I parked, and I assume it was some portion of ANY TIME…suck it sign!)

(again, I laugh at your thin metal sign and it’s attempts to limit my parking options.)

Oh, and it’s not just parking…Wrong Way?? MY WAY is never the Wrong Way!!

(ohhh, you know I drove right up that road. Till I came to a car going the “right way” and quickly U-Turned and waved the Universal “Oops, My Bad” hand signal)

Do Not Enter? Oh, you better believe I ENTERED! Twice.

(This is the Ranger’s Station in Tijeras, one of my favorite rides. It was Sunday and nobody was there.)


Photo 9:

The Warrior Dash. Ok, some background. This is the first time the Warrior Dash (a muddy obstacle course run for charity) has come to New Mexico. It had only one road in and one road out…and that road was a dirt road. Over 10,000 people showed up and it took hours for most people to get there and then park 1/4 of  a mile from the Entrance. ME? I rode on the side of the road past all the stopped cars and parked within 50 feet of the Entrance. It was Glorious.

(same getting home…easy and fast…and muddy.)


Sidewalks, bike racks, beside the ticket office at the movies, under the shade of a tree…IT IS ALL FAIR GAME….plus it is easy to park between cars just about anywhere. Though I do try and take a full space, and the best space, because I can!!!


I’ve showed this next photo before, but it brings up the point of both Parking and Free Juice. Here I’ve stopped at the Blackbird Buvette for a bite to eat. While eating I grab a nice parking spot between cars and get some free juice to fill up the battery. And if I sit and eat for an hour I get 10 more miles of riding, the Blackbird gets my food and drink money and it costs 10 cents in electricity. Win Win Win. And you CAN’T DO THAT WITH GAS. First off, 10 cents in gas would get you half a block. Secondly, just try asking your waiter to fill up your car’s gas tank for free while you sit and eat. Not only will the answer be no, but you will get sooooooo much spit in your food that you will think you ordered soup instead of a Bagel Bird sandwich.

(and i didn’t pay the meter either…boom! I am not a rebel…I AM THE REBEL.)


Till Next Time…


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“you know this isn’t you…you don’t act this way.”

me: “Shuddup, you’re just a Wolf…I WIN! And it’s not Wednesday. Plus I did the “Talking Sun” thing yesterday, I can’t do that two days in a row…Or can I? I do what I want. TRY AND STOP ME!!!



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28 06 2012

Damn Gavin… you’re a freakin poet. LOL.

28 06 2012

And you, my friend, are a darn fast reading if you got through that mash-up of words and thoughts so quickly 🙂
I just put it up!

28 06 2012

I have to read fast or my ADD kicks in and I get distracted…

3 07 2012
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