Brammo Blog : early morning update.

26 07 2012

Blog 25: When is a vacation like work?


Ha, trick question…all vacations are like work. Planning, getting here or there. Schedules…etc etc

There is a reason everybody comes back from a vacation and says, “I should have taken a couple of days to recoup from my vacation.”

So I began my “vacation” with a 12 hundred mile drive. And now I am up at 6:30 to get ready for the third day of my “vacation”…many hours at Laguna Seca setting up paddock and tents…followed by group ride and dinner plans…a full day followed by other full days followed by 12 hundred mile ride home…I will need to recoup from this vacation for sure…but didn’t take any extra days, so will go to real work next Wednesday and complain that I should have taken a couple of days to recoup…rinse and repeat.

This morning I find my roommate is hogging the bathroom…I hate that about her…



A variation on “I park where I want”.


Waiting for the helmet cam (which I forgot…because I’m an idiot) which is coming to the Motel by overnight delivery (thanks D 🙂 ) and then off to the Raceway.

The blog posts will be short, but I will try and post 2 or 3 a day for the next couple of days.

Then a big Magnus Opus at the end when I have a real computer in front of me…I love me iPad, but she is in truth a lovely toy…oh she does what she does well, but there are times when you need a full  computer..

Well gotta run, or ride…or fight the Enertia for some bathroom time.

Love and fishes…



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Has nothing to do with this trip or blog post…but our “random photo of the day” is:


Yep, me in Florida giving a Manatee a “tittie twister”. I find that I put on a mask and snorkel and suddenly I am the bully of the sea. Purple Nerkle an octopus? Can do. Wet Willy that sea turtle? You got it…though I’m pretty sure the turtle is already darn wet everywhere. And when you meet a manatee for the first time, well is it a normal reaction to grab his/her boob? And take a photo of it?
What is wrong with me?**

**well a lot probably…but in my defense…I blame society…plus Manatees like to be scratched and rubbed, which is what I was doing…scratching his/her chest, that he/she presented to me…they are basically the slow moving whores of the sea. Lounging around, eating a lot and wanting to be touched…heck, they are the stoned teenagers of the sea…or anybody at a Rave on E.



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