Brammo Blog: Bone Weary, But Home At Last.

31 07 2012

Blog 26: A short discussion on the Brammo Empulse TTX…and then off to bed.

Tuesday to the following Tuesday. 2223 miles on the pick-up truck. About 150 miles on the Enertia. Over 100 of those at either 7 am and in 52 degree cold, damp and foggy weather, or at 11pm in cold and damp and foggy weather. So I plan to hit my bed hard soon.

But first:

1. I have many photos, many videos and many many stories to tell. They will trickle out over the next couple of weeks.

2. I didn’t plan to write a blog this evening, but I wanted to discuss one aspect of this weekend…the Empulse TTX. Not everything about the TTX, but an important detail.

3. I am a fan, and maybe also a friend, of Brammo. I was invited out to Laguna Seca by Brammo. I am not an employee of Brammo. I am not paid by Brammo. I do not know any secret plans of Brammo.  But I do have a semi-close relationship with Brammo…if one can have a close relationship with a company…maybe one can as “Corporations are People” 🙂

Still I am a fairly observant person…and I watch a lot.

So…I have been reading a lot on-line about the TTX and the how it relates to Brammo Racing and the TTXGP eSuperSport class. A nice article here:


And I wanted to maybe clarify a detail or two. Again, I don’t know Brammo’s plans. Perhaps Brammo themselves are not set on exactly what, when and where they will proceed further in racing. After all they did just add a second rider in Eric Bostrom at Seca. That said:

1. Brammo had a production Empulse and took off a few bits (turn signals, tail light and bracket) and changed out the stock color for the race colors (still in light-weight carbon fiber).

She was a production Empulse R just a week before Laguna Seca.


Close Up.


A nice little video with James, the new Empulse Touring guy, going through the gears. He is going to do great as he loves this bike…and put about 700 miles on it before it got the TTX trim (so yes it is a ready to go, fully functional bike).


2. Brammo then put a name on the bike:


3. And they just happen to have a rider with that name 🙂


4. Who happen to try out the bike:


5. And then stuck around to talk about the bike:


What we know: Brammo has a production bike in race dress that fits the TTXGP eSuperSport category. Brammo has a rider for that bike.  And Brammo has a race team that can support that bike and rider. Which leaves us with actual production and sales.


So lets look at those TTXGP eSuperSport rules:


Here is the important bit:


I was a bit surprised when I re-read the rules. I was wondering about the Empulse TTX. It seemed ready to go. Rider, bike and Team. Would it race sooner than we thought? So I went to the TTXGP site…

25 units available for sale. Not sold. Not on the road. Brammo can have 25 units in their showroom in Ashland and race at Miller.

Will they? I don’t know. But they say they are in production now. I imagine they will be working long long hours to get 25 bike built between now and the end of August. I do know the hurdle is just a bit lower than I previously thought. And I think Brammo will race 3 riders at Miller if they can.


Till Next Time…bed calls with it’s siren song….


For more info on Brammo, please visit:
For more images, photos, discussions and all around Brammo goodness: visit, lurk and maybe join:


bonus…I tear up the tent with my speed 🙂



3 responses

1 08 2012
Rebecca Roth

O.K. Now you have lost me with technical stuff but I am glad you are home.

4 08 2012

There are a lot more than 1000 pre-orders, and although I’m sure that many of those pre-orders will not turn into sales (due to the higher price), I don’t think that Brammo will have any trouble at all turning 25 bikes “available” into 25 bikes “bought and paid for”. (I’ll take one right now, please! See, only 24 to go!)

12 09 2012

Thanks for the link Gavin! I was a little bummed that they didnt bring the Empulse TTX to Miller (or its rider for that matter)… hope to see it at Daytona though.

So Im kinda jealous. You already got to ride the Empulse (albeit slowly), that makes you the first customer to ride the Empulse, and the first customer to ride the Enertia Plus (you sort of own one now really) That’s some special treatment! Brammo truly knows how to hook their biggest fans up!

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