BrammoBlog: This weekend is going to be “The Bomb”, Baby.

5 10 2012

Blog 47: A quick Friday Update


I don’t like to Blog on Fridays…AND I was going to keep this weekend trip a surprise…BUT I am awful at surprises…AND it’s not really a surprise (like getting a new bike or growing more hair on my head).

But it is a fun and busy weekend…So I wanted to share. And I will have photos up next week.


The weekend starts tonight with DATE NIGHT. My wife and I are going to The Lion King at Popejoy Theater. It is the Broadway show and should be fun. Of course my wife has already seen it ON FREAKING BROADWAY with my daughters many years ago when it first opened. But it will be the first time for me.

Not really Brammo related, but thought I would share :)….of course I can make anything Brammo related…So:



A touching Father and Son moment…quickly marred when Mustafa is crushed beneath the stampede of wild Enertias.


Then comes Saturday and early rising to start my 2 day road trip. First stop: The Trinity Site. And I’m not talking this Trinity:




Nope, I’m talking this Trinity Site:




Then I’m going down to White Sands National Monument…A just lovely, otherworldly site.

And then hitting some Pueblo ruins on the back way home on Sunday.

Lots of Photos and lots more info next week.


ps…if I get a Black Enertia Plus…she shall be named T-Challa….



If I get a white Empulse…I don’t know what name…at least not yet 🙂




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